Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ubat For Life

End of Feb 11, pegi PCMC for appt with endocrinologist.. Mase jumpe die, sesaja la tanya sampai bile nak kena makan all the medicines nih.. In my mind, am expecting her to say, lg few more months kot.. After we repeat the blood test, then wait for d result, then we will be able to know la smpi bile kena makan ubat tu..

Unfortunately, the answer is very simple & straightforward.. FOR LIFE.. I was like, what? For life? Kenapa la plak for life? So, she keep on explaining the side effects of radiotheraphy where they usually kills the good cells as well. So, normally, the hormones will go hay- wire la sikit after we did the RT.. When u did RT - u will gain some & lose some.. gain = tumour maybe shrink but losing part = kena makan ubat for life..

I am an organ donor.. Tapi kalau dah kena makan ubat for life nih, sure my organs dah not so good kan? sedih plak rase.. Umur br nak jadik 34 tp kena makan ubat for life... mcm mana la d kidneys nak survive nih? isk, isk, isk..

On the +ve side, atleast ada ubat yg boley di makan kan drpd org lain yg sakit but there's no medicine / treatment to help them recover, lg le sedih betul x?


  1. Yup.. my 4 year old daughter pon kena makan ubat..err, maybe for life jugak because there is no cure for juvenile arthritis. We can only control the pain. She's taking steroids and MTX. MTX is actually used to treat cancer patient, but now it can be used to treat arthritis jugak (just for the pain). I risau jugak the side effects sbb boleh menyebabkan hati rosak in long run. Tapi itu jelah yang boleh kita buat daripada tengok dia sakit. So, berdoa jelah yg terbaik untuk dia. You take care sis!!

  2. Odie : U got to be strong for ur daughter ok? k.dyna pun taking steroid at this moment.. that's one of d reason kenapa semakin gumuks, hehehehe..
    U got to discuss with d doctor on d side effects of d medicine in the long run.. so, that u're mentally prepared... but if the +ve effects are weighted more than the -ve effects, than we got to accept what d consequences is...

  3. i pn penah doktor kate mkn ubat for hormon je,i tukar doktor sebab doktor yg sebelumnya mcm tak nak bagi alternatif lain...

    wlupun blog i tak sehebat blog u harap u sudi la follow blog i